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Let’s Talk Stories PDX: A MeetUp Group for Story-Talkers

Stories are how we make meaning of our lives and our world. They make us laugh, think, and teach us how to be human. When the pace of change accelerates absurdly and our definition of “community” seems to change with every headline, stories can ground us and help us remember who we are.

The Portland Storytellers’ Guild preserves the ancient tradition of oral storytelling in the modern world by creating a space where teller and listener sit down and together, recreate the stories of our common humanity. Like all living things, stories come to life when they are nurtured by being told, heard and savored. 

PSG started this MeetUp group as a means to offer more exclusive opportunities to talk about the stories that have meaning in our lives, and to discuss the stories we hear other people tell. Sometimes, MeetUps are organized around PSG activities, but other storytelling events are included, as well. We want to expand the contact we have with Story Lovers and Story Talkers here in Portland, and to share with them the many storytelling opportunities Portland offers.

Our first event will be held this Sunday, September 28 from 3:30 – 5:30pm at McMenamin’s Tavern & Pool on NW 23rd Ave. For full details, check out the event at our MeetUp page.

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