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It’s Storython Time!

Join Portland Storytellers Guild for an evening of rapid-paced short stories. Fourteen storytellers each take the stage and have 5 minutes to capture your imagination, intrigue you, or perhaps beguile you, with a well told story.  You will be amazed at how a well crafted story can fit into just 5 minutes! This event is the Portland Storyteller’s Guild (PSG) Monthly Storytelling Concert for September and October.

If you were fortunate enough to have attended past Storythons, you already know what fun events these are. If you haven’t attended one, make this your first. It will be an evening you will not forget!

  1. WHEN: September 12 and October 10

  2. TIME: 7:30 pm – doors open at 7 pm

  3. WHERE: HIPBONE STUDIO 1847 E. Burnside #104, (enter building from parking lot side). (map)

  4. COST: Tickets purchased through Brown Paper Tickets: Adults $10; PSG Members and Students with ID $8; Available for purchase on our home page.

  5. Tickets purchased at the door: $12.

  6.  Recommended for adults and children 10+ years old.

The 2014-2015 PSG season is coming to close … and we have saved the best for last! Please join us for TWO nights of live storytelling at this year’s Festival of Stories. Both evenings will take place at 7:30 pm at Hipbone Studio, 1847 E Burnside, Portland OR. Take a sneak peek below at the tellers and stories featured each night:

June 12: Stories of Quests & Journeys

Some of the finest tellers in the city take you down paths familiar – and not so familiar – in memorable tales from tellers Eric Foxman, Will Hornyak, Ken Iverson, Ingrid Nixon and Anne Rutherford:

Eric Foxman has told stories for over 20 years in all corners of the country and the world. For many years. he specialized in bringing literally tales to life; since joining the Portland Storytellers Guild in 2012, Eric now includes a broad range of folk tales, historical anecdotes and personal stories in his many one-man shows. He’ll be telling two stories: one about a young woman doing the seemingly impossible on the Oregon Trail; and another deceptively simple piece about the immigrant experience at the “Isle of Hope”.

Anne Rutherford

Anne Rutherford will tell one of her famous Clementine Ryder stories: a rip-roaring adventure of seeking pirate treasure on Neahkanie Mountain based on an Oregon legend that people still seek to this day. She’ll also share a little known folk song that has not lost its relevance today, called “The Housewives’ Lament”. Learn more at

Ingrid Nixon

Ingrid Nixon is a world-traveling storyteller who gives traditional stories a new twist, and touches the heart with personal stories. For almost three decades, Ingrid’s work in expedition tourism and the National Park Service has taken her on a magic carpet ride from Alaska to Antarctica, and from Madagascar to Easter Island. From her travels, she gleans and shares stories of inspiring explorations. Most recently, she is in the final stretch of earning a Masters in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University. For this show, she’ll be telling “Trust the Universe”, which begs the question whether hang in there, or just let go; and “Perseus: How to Get a Head in Life”. Learn more at

Ken Iverson

Founding member of the PSG Ken Iverson has been telling stories most of his life. He loves the connection that sharing stories creates and how a story can bring people together.His enthusiastic telling has been well received throughout the Pacific Northwest. He was thrilled to be awarded the Second Place trophy in the Seattle Folklife Festivals renowned Liar’s Contest in both 2011 & 2012. He was also a featured teller at the Folklife Festivals Ghost Story event in 2012 & 2013.

Will Hornyak

From Irish folktales and American tall tales to Native American legends, Russian fairytales and beyond, Will Hornyak weaves a wide web of well-crafted stories into energetic and highly engaging performances. He was awarded the Brimstone Grant from the National Storytelling Association for his environmental education program: Living Streams: Stories for Healthy Watersheds. Learn more at

June 13: Transformations

Stories of alterations, revolutions, and turnings are stories we are each living in our own way, every day. Come immerse yourself in an evening of tales of change by tellers Chetter Calloway, Barbara Fankhauser, Rick Huddle, Gretchen Peterson and Julie Strozyk:

Gretchen Peterson

Gretchen Peterson will present the world premiere of an original story she has composed, based on the myth of Persephone: When Persephone reads love stories, she never finds tales about her life: a woman in love with a woman. But then Hades, God of the Underworld, abducts her and makes her his queen. Now Persephone must fight for her own truth amid passions and myths far beyond her power. 

Chetter Galloway

Chetter Galloway will tell a story of the dreams and myths of urban renewal. When an opportunity to better their lives presents itself, a young couple decides to move from their hometown and pursue the American dream.  However, when the opportunity fizzles and they are faced with a changing landscape, they must decide if the dream is still worth pursuing. Learn more at

Rick Huddle

Rick Huddle is an actor, educator, and storyteller who has performed school assemblies all over the United States, Mexico, & Colombia. He has told at a number of national storytelling festivals, and is a regular contributor at the Moth Story Slams. “Painting Naked” is the story he’ll tell tonight, a personal story that includes the thought:

As I drove into town, I saw the sign at the city limits “Gainesville, Population 103,907.” And I thought- “man, I don’t know a single one of those people.” And then I thought, “yeah! And not a single one of those people knows me!” For the first time in my life, I can be whoever I want to be.

Barbara Fankhauser

From multi-cultural stories to mid-life tales, from traditional favorites to stories from her life, Barbara Fankhauser’s love for storytelling began in childhood and has grown into a passion she loves to share. Over the last two decades, Barbara has studied with master tellers and shared her skills in workshops she has offered with other excellent storytellers, and now serves as PSG’s president.

Julie Strozyk

Julie Strozyk began her storytelling career by enthralling her classmates with “scary stories” in the 6th grade. In 1986 Julie joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval/renaissance recreation group and took up storytelling again, this time as a “bard” specializing in traditional, mythological and epic tales from early cultures – mainly the British Isles, Russia and Italy. She has performed for OMSI, Estacada Library, One World Peace Foundation, Longview Storytellers Network, Oregon Counseling Associates, and various schools.

Whew! Clearly these are two evenings not to be missed!! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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