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Upcoming Show: Oh! Was there another road?

Oh! Was There Another Road? Ah-Ha Moments or Karmic Kickstart? You Decide

Have you ever heard a story that was going along, just fine and dandy, maybe even a little predictable, until … Pow! It takes a turn you were never expecting! If you love a story that gives you that unexpected thrill, then you are sure to enjoy May’s storytellers:

Ray Dalen, who’s been telling stories for the Guild since he joined in 2008, will tell “That Old Time Religion” and “Water Water Everywhere”. A native Oregonian, Ray is particularly fond of stories of the old west, which will shine through in this month’s performance.

Pearl Steinberg learned to tell from her father, a master storyteller himself, and learned she has! Pearl’s stories range from traditional folktales to ancient epics, from personal stories from those of her imagination. For this performance, Pearl will share stories with us of the mythical village of Chelm, as well as from the depths of her childhood memory.

Rose Sweetwater grew up in Texas, where she cut her teeth on fried catfish, barbecue, and tall tales. She starting tell tales of her own in 2003 and has told several times for the Guild. Her stories for this evening are sure to please: “The Gold Fool” and “Roses and Cupcakes”.

Finally, founding PSG member Ken Iverson will fill out the team will tell a traditional tale and a personal tale, both to take you on a ride. “I love how the PSG continues to grow,” he says, “and I enjoy hearing people tell me how they felt accepted, and included, from the first time they came around. Seeing, and hearing, new people coming to storytelling never grows old for me.”

 Come enjoy an evening of stories about surprise endings and “Ah ha!” moments that make for the best stories to tell!

Oh! Was There Another Road?

Friday, May 9, 7:30pm (Doors open at 7:00pm)

Hipbone Studio, 1847 E. Burnside St #104 (enter building from parking lot side)

 Recommended for adults and children 10+ years old

Adults $10; PSG Members and Students with ID $8

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