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Why I Tell Stories

by Shay Knorr

I have been an actress since I was a little girl. The stage is where I feel the safest and the most “ME”. On stage, in front of a camera or behind the camera as a Producer, it all boils down to stories. In the last several years, I have moved away from other people’s scripts and words and mainly now perform my own pieces about my life. I feel if one has the ability to stand up in front of a group and communicate life experiences and feelings… it is our gift to the world to do so.  Hearing about some one else’s life can sometimes help you work out your own… feel the feelings you didn’t know anyone else felt or maybe understand something about your self that you did not know before. My mission is to make that possible for people. I use my art to give everyone I meet the opportunity to look at and go about life in a new and passionate way… including myself…

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