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Words and Such: Writer – or Storyteller – first?

“You can’t visit readers where you think they are. You have to invite them home to where you are and try to lure them into your universe. That’s the art of storytelling.” –Jo Nesbo

Kenda Turner is a writer, wife, mother, and grandmother for whom the writing bug took hold early on and won’t shake loose. On her blog “Words and Such”, she recently reflected on the relationship between writing and storytelling. “Writing is fun or else we wouldn’t stick with it,” she writes. “But can we admit that there are times when it isn’t so much so? The times we get bogged down with form, structure, getting that beginning just right, stressing out over grammar, or any number of elements of crafting our stories. What happened to the initial glow of the idea? When did the light grow dim?” … Could it be we’ve lost sight of our inner storytellers?

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