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Welcome to the Portland Storytellers’ Guild!

Our goal is to bring together and nurture people who tell, listen to, and love stories. The Portland Storytellers’ Guild works to preserve the ancient tradition of oral story-telling in the modern world. We do not read, but rather, tell our stories.

Oral storytelling is an interactive art: we believe that the teller and the audience recreate the story together. We invite you to Become A Member.

Get Involved!

See our Calendar for listings of all the great events the Guild has in store for you. 

Find a Teller to make your next event extra special.

Become a Member and join in the fun!

About Us

For 25 years, people of the Pacific Northwest have been listening to stories through the Portland Storytellers’ Guild. We’re proud of that and we want you to be a part of our commitment to the spoken word.  2010 marks our 25th Anniversary and there will be events to celebrate all during this year.

Storytelling remains a vital part of human life, even if we get our stories from a screen as often as in person. Human beings could rightly be described as the animals that make stories—the cognitive tools that we use to make meaning. We need stories to frame our understanding of the world, and to understand ourselves. We need stories to make us laugh, and to make us think. When the pace of change accelerates absurdly and our definition of “community” seems to change with every headline, stories provide invaluable sense-making.

As storytellers, we bring stories to life literally in person, face to face. Old stories that may have been committed to print long ago can breathe and move and sing again. New stories can find their way from our lives into our own tales. Old or new, the stories live only when they are told, and shared, and savored. That is what the Portland Storytellers’ Guild is all about.

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