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Ralph Yourie: Tell Me a Story

Ralph Yourie is the author of “A Sneaker on my Pillow” and a strong believer in the storytelling tradition. In a recent blog post on his website, Ralph reflected on how often the devices of storytelling are lacking in the communication of information and data. “We live in a time when virtually every movie ever made is at our fingertips,” he writes. “Likewise, with the touch of a button or the tap of a screen, we can watch a video of any sporting event past or present.  We can replay a newsreel or read an archived account from almost any historic event.  Information and technology are wonderful tools.  They provide accuracy and clarity.   They do not, however, have all of the answers.”

Where do the answers lie? Storytelling. “When you weave information into a story,” he writes, “you make it personal.  You not only teach and instruct, but you also lead, engage and motivate.  You create a positive emotion that heightens the desire to understand.  That desire to understand, in turn improves comprehension and memory.”  

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