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Important Message for All Members

An important message from the PSG Board of Directors:

Dear Guild Member and Story Lover,

Right now the Portland Storytellers’ Guild has a terrific opportunity.  Anvil Media, a Portland based company with fourteen years experience as a search engine marketing, social media marketing and analytics, has included Portland Storytellers’ Guild as a candidate to receive some in-depth marketing help. But to receive that help we need all our members and fans to go to their Facebook page and vote for us.

We’re up against some much bigger non-profits, so we need all the help you can lend. In addition to going to their page to vote, could you post us on your Facebook page and ask your friends to vote for us, as well?

We’ve been working hard to bring stories into the world and this would take us a long way in reaching more people with more stories than ever before. Please don’t delay — voting ends October 3!

Thank you from our PSG board 

More specifics:

Use this shortened link to share the poll through Twitter, Facebook & Email

1.      Organizations that have been successful in the past have promoted the poll through a variety of channels including social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email. 

2.      The poll is being administered through an app on the Anvil Facebook page.  To ensure fairness, voters will need to provide an email address to submit their vote.  This limits the voting to one vote per email address.  We will send out a follow-up email to announce the winner, but otherwise will not use the email addresses.

3. To cast your vote, scroll down to the charity of your choice and click the “Vote” button beneath it. The logos of the other organizations should fade out in the background. Scroll down to enter your email address and then click on “Submit Vote”.

3.      The poll will run until Friday, October 3 at 4 pm.

 To learn more about Anvil Media, go to

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