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“Ceremony of the Weird” coming May 9

Portland Storytellers Guild Presents:

Ceremony of the Weird

May 9, 7:30 p.m.

Hipbone Studio

1847 E Burnside St #104, Portland, OR 97214

Adults $10 ($8 for PSG members/students)

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Please join the Portland Storytellers Guild in welcoming you to the Ceremony of the Weird, featuring tellers: Rick Huddle, Brian Rohr, Brianna Barrett and Thomas Schroyer. At this event, the storytellers will explore the themes of initiation, coming of age and walking their weird, or “wyyrd”, unique life path that each person is on.

About the Artists:

Rick Huddle is an actor, educator, and storyteller who has performed school assemblies all over the United States, Mexico, & Colombia. He has told at a number of national storytelling festivals, and is a regular contributor at the Moth Story Slams. The stories he’ll present at this performance include “Go Down Swinging” –  a baseball story as only Rick Huddle can tell it – and a story from later in his youth, about “Senior Beach Week”.

Thomas Schroyer is a physical comedian and vaudeville circus performer who has developed his own style of storytelling. His background in mime and acting engage the audience with captivating characters and his use of physical comedy provide a rich experience of humor and physical eloquence. Thomas has told stories all over the Northwest and has just recently returned from a tour in South American with his physical comedic character, Tommy Twimble.

Brian Rohr focuses on the old stories – the myths, folktales and fairy tales – from many different cultures that still inform us on how to live our lives as authentic human beings, helping to make sense and meaning of the living world we are a part of. He has told to audiences around the country and was named by JT News as a “10 Under 40” recipient, one of ten notable Jewish people in Washington under 40 years old who are doing important and inspirational works within the community. At this performance, Brian will be sharing an old initiation story or two celebrating the unique paths we walk upon when following our gifts.

Brianna Barrett is a writer, filmmaker and performer born and raised in Portland. She joined PSG after partnering with a PSG storyteller last November to develop a personal story for “Notes of Hope,” where she recounted her experiences as a young filmmaker with cancer. Most recently, she staged a three-night workshop performance of her first play, “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” for this year’s Fertile Ground Festival. For this performance, she will mix humor and heart at this performance in the true story “Samiara,” about imaginary friends, first crushes, and growing up as kind of an awkward loner in Tigard, Oregon.

Clearly, this is an evening NOT TO BE MISSED. Join the Facebook event, and be sure to pre-order tickets at this link.

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